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Hi everyone. Just a quick reminder that it is the social this Saturday at 6pm if you want to come and have a play with your friends.

The pole strap workshop is up for booking for Saturday 27th of you want to come and learn how to fly.

Power pole is also now on a Thursday at 6.10pm. Strength and conditioning is a big part of you training if you want to keep progressing. Aerial fit is also still on on a Tuesday and Sunday.

See you all soon and keep being a badass.


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Hi everyone. Just a reminder that the social is this Friday 7.10pm. There will be 2 poles and 2 hoops for you to play on. Everyone is welcome. I am shut next Friday, Saturday and sunday so there will


Hi everyone. Just to update you on a few things this month. This weekend their will not be any private sessions available as i am away, but Laura is covering classes for me so they will run as normal.


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