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Studio Team Charter

Mission Statement

To provide a welcoming, inclusive, and empowering environment for participants to achieve realistic aerial goals.

Values and Expectations

The Studio Values underpin the expectations of our Participants/Instructors behaviour and conduct;


·                      Respect 

·                      Collaboration 

·                      Excellence 

·                      Integrity 


These include, but are not limited to, the following;


a.     Share expertise, knowledge, and experience (COLLABORATION) 

b.     Take personal responsibility for working on goals (EXCELLENCE) 

c.     Be supportive, open, and approachable with each other both in class and when participating in other Studio related activities (RESPECT) 

d.     Be unafraid to challenge and ask questions in a respectful manner (INTEGRITY) 

e.     Provide feedback, listen, and act on feedback (COLLABORATION) 

f.      Celebrate personal and each other’s successes, but also acknowledge the challenges we face and admit that we don’t always have the answers or get it right (COLLABORATION; EXCELLENCE) 

g.     Respect differences in personal circumstances and encourage inclusion (RESPECT) 

h.     Challenge inappropriate behaviour or seek help from others to do so (i.e. be an active bystander) (INTEGRITY)

i.      To not bring the studio into disrepute by way of verbal, behavioural or social media conduct (RESPECT: INTEGRITY)

j.      Allow ourselves, and others, space to fail with grace and support (RESPECT)

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