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Hi everyone.

I hope you have all been enjoying the sun. well done to everyone that braved the heat and came to class last week.

From July 13th i have added another pole fitness mixed ability class so i can try and accommodate everyone that has been missing out. It will be at 10.10am every week. This means that stretch has now been moved to 11.15am.

The moon workshops are still up for booking on 27th July if you fancy having a go.

The social is also on this day.

I am also doing an offer for everyone that already comes that you can bring a friend for free to any class during July. Just drop me a message and i will book them in.

If anyone also ever has any requests on what they would like to do either in class or some new ideas please let me know and i will do my best to sort it out.

Now that the photo shoot is over i have decided that we will do our next showcase in June 2025. So have a think if that is something you would like to take part in in any capacity.

For now though lets gat back to just having fun and enjoying the sport you love doing. So many of you are smashing it right now. All the hard work and dedication is really shining through..

So keep being a badass and i will see you all soon.


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