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Park fun

Hi everyone

On Sunday the 28th July i will be taking the rig to Abington park for some fun out side. Hopefully in the sunshine. Also to try and drum up some more business.

If you fancy joining me for a few hours of play then please came and find me. I will be hopefully setting up in the small park behind the bird cages near the café as it is pretty flat there. If you want to bring your own rig or pole then please do. The more the merrier.

If it is too windy or raining then i will have to cancel so please let me know if your coming so i can keep you informed.

Also just to remind you that the moon workshops are on on the 27th July and the social is that evening too.

Hopefully see you all soon.


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Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis
5 days ago

Yay I’ll be there can I bring the child? xxx

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